The Pilot

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Natalia and the guys talk about how they started, the clan they love, and Clash news…

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5 Responses to The Pilot

  1. Sladey182 says:

    Good first run guys: look forward to seeing how this progresses

  2. Sith Lord says:

    Well done guys very nice! Its like the Line chat has come to life lol. Only gonna get better i know it

  3. Tait says:

    Hey guys nice first foray into the podcast world! If your every looking for a guest id love to come on. Minor feedback, I learned this as well, try to cut the intro music to less than 30 seconds. Not that your music isn’t good its just good podcasting advice I got back from multiple listeners.

  4. Yasmirr says:

    Nice Job

  5. Worm says:

    Good first run guys. looking forward to more episodes. Keep up the good work!!!!!!


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