KGH 010 Gods of Olympus 06.27.16

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In this episode, I take a break from Clash and discuss Gods of Olympus (GoO) with Aronos, popular YouTuber and Co-Leader/General of the Gods of Olympus Alliance, ELITE NATION.  We talk a bit about Clash but focus mostly on GoO from a Clasher’s perspective. Aronos shares some basic attack strategies, base-building principles, and some upcoming features in GoO.

If you’d like to get a hold of Aronos, tweet him @AronosChannel, or check him out on YouTube:

Next episode it’s back to all things Clash!

If you are a serious adult player, TH8 or below, and you want an active place to learn and grow, please apply at  Please note that all applications must come from the website, and NO IN-GAME APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!

You can contact the show at, or on twitter @KGHPodcast. Visit us at for more information!

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