The Clash Files Episode 2 – Star Wars Dies – 6-28-2015

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Natalia, RCooperKaty!, Halligan, and Ranc1dM3at talk Clash of Clans.  This week they tackle upgrade order, what they would rename their accounts if forced, and make a Sophie’s Choice of sorts.  Make sure you follow us on Twitter @theclashfiles, visit us online at, and subscribe on iTunes or your favorite rss reader.  We are also available on Spreaker and Stitcher Radio.

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One Response to The Clash Files Episode 2 – Star Wars Dies – 6-28-2015

  1. Brodel says:


    Great podcast so far. Great insight and discussion. I was just listening to the section of the second cast where you all debate Inferno Towers and I just want to say that as a town hall 9.5 with only about 70 lava walls and 20/20 heroes, I held up very well when people would farm me. I did lab, spells, camps, all my war troops and my freeze to 5 and then I dropped my towers. I can’t stress enough how much easier it made my life starting at townhall 10 in war! If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen (inferno towers).

    Keep up the great content!


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