Ep 24 – ColdWar is Over

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This week Halligan and the gang recount the epic in-family war between Noble Hero and K2, with a polar bear plunge at stake for the losing leader.  We also talk about the communities reaction to the upcoming update, discuss the sneak peeks, and take a few questions.  You’ll also find out how to see us all take that cold plunge!  All this and more in this Clash File!

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One Response to Ep 24 – ColdWar is Over

  1. Blade says:

    I love your podcasts. However, I feel like you are coming down a little hard on the war community. First of all I think the complaints are coming from a specific niche of the war community which I might call the competitive war community and I do think they are valid. Sure this update and many others will have a big effect on clan wars. I think the issue many of us have is that they aren’t doing anything to improve the competitiveness of war. For anything to be competitive a few things need to happen.

    First the teams need to be of similar skill levels. For example you don’t match a high school basketball team against a professional team. I do not think it is unfair of us to ask for the ability to arrange match ups without spending lots of time working with weights and matching up spreadsheets only to press the search button and miss. Yet as long as we have asked for it it is still yet to come. In my opinion this is our single greatest disappointment in every update for months.

    Also, in order for anything to be competitive you need to have a good playing ground (sorry can’t think of a better word). For example, back to basketball, if the hoops were the same diameter as the ball it would be extremely difficult to score or if the court was the size of a football field people would wear themselves out trying to go to either end to score. In clash, I would call this playing ground balance. For a long time TH 9 has been known for having this excellent balance where it was very difficult to 3 star a good base but never impossible. Th10 on the other hand is a place where there is very little balance as it is nearly impossible for player to get 3 stars against a good base without cheating. I think what the competitive war community would have appreciated is a new dark troop and or new dark spells at TH 10 that could provide some offensive balance so that fair play clans could have a decent chance of 3 starring those bases. I appreciate that supercell did change a few things that I honestly believe were intended to help this area of the game at TH10. These changes being the additional 30 seconds and spell donation. Unfortunately, these changes, in my opinion will cause every other TH level to suffer huge blows to the balance they once had and I would be happy to discuss that further if you like but this comment is already lengthy and I have one other area I want to touch on.

    The last thing I think that is of particular importance when making something competitive is having a good set of rules that all players must abide by or be penalized. Unfortunately, supercell still has yet to do anything to punish cheaters in their game and thus allows cheating to run rampant.

    These are the three areas of the game that the competitive war community wants to see changes made to. We understand SC needs to take care of the other areas of the game and appreciate that they do tend to those areas. We also appreciate that SC does take steps often to try and give us balance. What we do not appreciate is that they ignore the other two areas of helping us put teams of the comparable skill levels on the field and deal with the issue of cheating (I have heard some promising sound bites on both of these fronts but never from SC itself which is what probably concerns me the most). And lastly we do not appreciate that their attempts at giving us balance always seem to come at the expense of another TH levels balance. Sure they are trying to do a few things that might make TH 10 better. But they are definitely going to make THs 8 and 9 far worse. I am sure there is a way they could figure out how to improve one without destroying the other. I know some people just want something to complain about but from where I am listening most of the complaints about SC not doing anything for the war community are valid.

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